What is Ba Zi – Four Pillars of Destiny?

What is Ba Zi – Four Pillars of Destiny?

The Ancients believed that Success in Life is based on the following three areas of influence:

1. Heaven Luck     2. Human Luck      3. Earth Luck.

This video attempts to give you a short introduction into the Ancient Art and Science of Four Pillars of Destiny.


Calculate your Flying Stars


                            Calculate your Flying Stars



 Meaning of  Flying Stars

   This is a short description of each star’s meanings:

     Star       Element                                Description                                       Quality

1 Water Success, Career Good
2 Earth Illness Bad
3 Wood Arguments, Conflict Neutral
4 Wood Education, Romance Neutral
5 Earth Misfortune Bad
6 Metal Indirect Wealth Good
7 Metal Robbery, Violence Bad
8 Earth Success Excellent
9 Fire Multiplying Adjacent Stars Good

FAQ – Feng Shui and BaZi


Q. Why is Birth Data used in Four Pillars of Destiny?

A. We all have a starting point in our earthly life. The date and place of our birth is the beginning of our journey here. All chart calculations are based on this starting point. From here we can follow a guide map and make changes as needed. At the same time the birth chart is only one of the many varied elements used in Four Pillars -BaZi. Continue reading »